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Benefits of an In-House Maintenance Company – Property Management Fayetteville

One of the largest expenses that Fayetteville landlords face is the cost of maintenance and repairs. There are many ways to prevent those expenses from running out of control, and at Allred Properties we keep maintenance costs low by having our own in-house maintenance team. When you’re looking for a Fayetteville property management company, consider using one that offers this service. You’ll find your repairs are made faster, more reliably, and for less money. 

No Maintenance Markups 

Some property management companies will charge Fayetteville investors a markup on any maintenance invoice. That means if you have a $200 repair bill, you may also pay 10 percent or $20 on top of that to the management company to compensate them for coordinating the work. With an in-house maintenance team, you pay in-house prices. There are no markups and no negotiations necessary; you’ll get the best price every time. 

Timely and Preventative Repairs

Another benefit is that repairs are made quickly. If your Fayetteville tenants report that a water heater is leaking and it’s a Friday evening, you aren’t going to want them to wait through the weekend before it’s repaired. An in-house maintenance team can replace the water heater within hours.  

Your maintenance team will also be able to make recommendations for preventative maintenance, which will keep all the systems and functions of your property running smoothly. For example, having your HVAC system serviced annually is a lot more cost effective than waiting until it breaks down completely and you need to buy a new furnace or air conditioning unit. The in-house maintenance team will get to know your home and how it runs. 

Insurance and Liability

An in-house maintenance company dramatically reduces your potential liability as the property owner. All of our workers are properly insured, and you won’t have to worry about 

Allred Properties

covering the medical expenses of an unlicensed vendor who fell off a ladder while making a repair at your Fayetteville rental property. All of our maintenance personnel are screened, insured, and professional. 

If you have any questions about the benefits of in-house maintenance, or anything pertaining to Fayetteville property management, please contact us at Allred Properties.