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Happenings 2017 Year in Review

To Our Valued Owners,

In 2017, Allred Properties celebrated 30 years in business and the significant strides we have made to transform our company into a more focused client driven enterprise poised for stronger, long-term growth. As your property management professional, we want to extend our gratitude for your vote of confidence and the meaningful relationship we have formed.

As 2017 came to an end, we find it important to recognize the positive results of our companies’ determination to live up to our mission statement: providing outstanding Property Management service that exceeds our customer’s and client’s expectations. In this letter, we have outlined various analytics and advancements we have made in the past year, with the hopes to set a precedent to be exceeded in the following year of 2018.

The Leasing Department, in 2017:

  • Our office exceeded 26,000 total phone calls. All phone calls made or received during regular operating hours are serviced by our staff, allowing for the quickest response time. Allred Properties scope of operations includes management of our owner’s properties and tenant’s only, with no outside sales or listings. This means that every phone call directly relates to the properties we manage.
  • Allred Properties received 980 showing inquires. This correlates to the magnitude of listing sites each of our properties are posted to.
    • Last year our website alone accounted for 22,217 views, and returned almost 45,000 Google searches!
    • Allred Properties Facebook posts reached 83,505 people.
    • Our YouTube account compiled 79 total hours of watch time in 2017.
  • Allred Properties is excited to announce that last year we received a total of 253 applications which were converted to 143 leases written. We have a stringent applicant screening process that allows us to deliver you with the most qualified tenants available. An application to lease rate of 57% is an excellent benchmark and one that we are optimistic to improve on for 2018.
    • Last year we had a total of 175 leases expire and 130 resident renewals. Securing the most qualified tenants has led us to a resident retention rate of 74%. When quality tenants renew, owners don’t lose money re-marketing properties or dealing with vacancy periods.

Maintenance Department, in 2017:

  • Received 2,058 work orders in the year and deferred 301 requests, meaning we responded to 86% of maintenance requests in-house. We are very prideful in this percentage, as work orders done in-house are mediated at the fastest rate and allow us to keep the highest satisfaction from our tenants.
  • Utilities were connected/disconnected a total of 133 times, allowing us to safeguard your property from damages and save you money on utilities during vacant periods.

Throughout 2017, efficient management has allowed for our company procedures to be streamlined; furthermore, improvements didn’t stop there, Allred Properties was also able to refine our company culture through revisions in our vision and mission statements. As your property management professional, we are encouraged for the continual effort we will commit to advancement and for the relationships we look forward to cultivating in the new year.

Looking forward to 2018,
 Allred Properties