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Landlord Horror Stories of Bad Tenants – Property Management Fayetteville

If you’re wondering whether you should manage your own Fayetteville rental property or let a professional Fayetteville property management company do it for you, consider some of the horror stories landlords like you have had to deal with. Tenants can be a big problem, especially when you don’t screen them well.

Accidental Deaths

Do you know what to do if a tenant dies in your rental property? That’s a horrifying thought, and most landlords probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it. Buy, accidents happen, and if it happens to you, you’ll need to know how to deal with it. This might also impact your ability to get the place rented out again.

Fires, Floods, Natural Disasters

Even the most well-maintained Fayetteville property can fall victim to disasters and catastrophes. There might be a freak storm that sends a tree through your roof or a fire that starts in the kitchen. You will need to be prepared to handle these emergencies, and not only will you have to solve the immediate problem; you’ll also need to do everything you can to prevent the problem from getting bigger.

Property Damage

Bad Fayetteville tenants will cost you money. Not only will they be unreliable when it comes to rental payments, they could also damage your home. While a security deposit will protect you to a certain extent, plenty of Fayetteville landlords can tell you horror stories about property damage that went well beyond the security deposit amount. You need to protect your investment and its value. Proper tenant screening is critical in preventing bad tenants and the damage they can do to your home.

Preventing Horror Stories

MirrorThe best way to prevent these things from happening is by working with a professional management team. We can make sure your property is in excellent condition before we even put it on the market. We can market the home to the most desirable tenants and do a thorough job of screening anyone who applies.

If you need any help preparing your property or placing a tenant, please contact us at Allred Properties.